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What are the different kinds of Direct Selling Software available at Webclubs Infotech?

With an expertise in assessing client needs and customizing software specifically, we can develop software for an array of plans such as binary, board, differential, repurchase, generation and any other hybrid plan.

What should I do, when I need to communicate, need more information or clarification regarding Webclubs Infotech software?

Please click the following link to email, call or visit.
www.Webclubs Infotech.com/contact-us
You can also submit the service enquiry form to get a free demo of Webclubs Infotech.

What kind of advantages do we get on being associated with Webclubs Infotech?

With over 17 + years of experience, our credibility and recognition is the biggest advantage you stand to achieve on being associated with Webclubs Infotech. Our team will help you in differentiating and providing a competitive edge in the MLM business. Additionally, you can get,

  • Various value-added services such as vendor’s information and knowledge sharing which helps in cost saving
  • Updates on latest trends in the network marketing industry
  • International market exposure

What is the minimum delivery period of your Software?

Based on your requirements, our standard delivery timeline ranges from 2 – 3 weeks from the date of requirement finalization; since we religiously follow waterfall methodology it ensures the usability and success of the software. Our highest priority is to satisfy our customers through early delivery.

How do we keep ourselves informed about the progress?

You will be assigned a dedicated Business Analyst, whom you can contact at any given point. Alternately you can also raise your query 24*7 through the ticketing system, hence rest assured, we will get back to you soon.
Click the following link for further details
www.Webclubs Infotech.com/contact-us

Is Webclubs Infotech a member of any industry body?

Yes, we are associated with many prestigious bodies. Click the following link to know more: www.Webclubs Infotech.com/about-us/association

How will I benefit when I refer clients to Webclubs Infotech for new projects?

We have an exciting program, where you can refer and earn. Click the following link to know more about our referral policy
www.Webclubs Infotech.com/reseller-partnership-program

What are the different documents that you require upon signing the contract?

We require the standard documents like Incorporation certificate, KYC documents, GST details and owner details.



Do you provide consulting services and what are the charges for the same?

Yes, we do offer consulting services with no additional charges for the same. Talk to our experts who will provide you a custom solution after understanding your product and target market.

Can I see a demo of a similar plan that I am interested in?

As each and every plan varies from the other in an MLM industry, we will be able to acquaint you with the default features and modules of Webclubs Infotech in the demo.

Will Webclubs Infotech support my own compensation plan?

Yes, Webclubs Infotech can support your own compensation plan. Our software is flexible enough to support most of the plans.

Can I make changes in the plan after the development work?

Yes, changes can be made in the software after the development work.

Do you work on investment plan?

We don’t work on investment plans.



Which features does Webclubs Infotech cover?

Webclubs Infotech is packed with an impressive number of more than 151 + features. To learn more click the given link www.Webclubs Infotech.com/features

Does Webclubs Infotech support different languages and different currencies?

Yes, Webclubs Infotech is built with the capabilities to function across multilingual platforms and support different currencies too.

Can I track the profit and loss of my business?

A detailed payout analysis report will be provided to you, which would allow you to track the profit and loss of your business at any given time.

Do you have the facility for auto pan card verification?

Yes, subjective to valid API user details.

Can we transfer income directly into a member’s bank account using your software?

Yes, the following facility can be made possible through bitcoin integration. Once the necessary permission is provided by the bank, income can be directly transferred.

Can I add/modify features after delivery?

Yes, you can add/modify features after delivery. There are many plug ins (add ons) that can be updated anytime in future.

Can I change or delete the Sponsor ID?

While it can be done, it largely depends on the plan chosen.



Can Webclubs Infotech be hosted on cloud based servers?

Webclubs Infotech is packed with an impressive number of more than 151 + features. To learn more click the given link www.Webclubs Infotech.com/features

Which technology are you using for the software and website?

Armed with the latest in technology, we are using ASP.NET 4.5 (MVC 5.0) for the software and Bootstrap.

Can you develop an offline version of the software?

As it is difficult to resolve bugs and provide support for the offline version; we do not develop the same.

Can I get source code for custom projects?

Yes, you can get the source code for the projects.

Can I integrate any third-party platform with your software?

Yes, you can integrate any third-party platform with Webclubs Infotech after verification of the documents to understand the specifications.

How much traffic can your system handle?

Software has been extensively tested and results show that software is capable of sustaining more than 7 million records.



What are the security features of Webclubs Infotech?

Webclubs Infotech is developed using level 7 security methodology which ensures highest data security.

How do you provide for back up and disaster recovery?

Database mirroring and server cloning are done for disaster recovery and in case of an emergency we maintain the backup so that your data can be recovered smoothly.

Is your server secure? Will data be safe?

Yes our servers are highly secure.

How do you assure confidentiality?

Webclubs Infotech always signs NDA agreements to maintain the confidentiality of the information.

Is my software secure on shared hosting?

As the server password keeps changing, it is saved in an encrypted format which makes the software secure on shared hosting.



What is the difference between low cost software and Webclubs Infotech in terms of features?

With an enviable range of 151+ exclusive features as compared to other low-cost software solution, Webclubs Infotech is the complete solution for your network marketing business under one roof. Not only do we assign dedicated resources towards each project, we also follow standard documentation processes which ensures timely delivery. Click the given link to learn more about our features: www.Webclubs Infotech.com/features

Justify your server hosting plan cost?

As we ensure first rate services such as 24*7 support, high speed internet, high performance RAM, bandwidth and storage, the server costs are justified.

How much does an MLM Software cost?

Costing and pricing is detailed in the given link. Please refer www.Webclubs Infotech.com/pricing

What are your payment terms? Can I pay in terms/installments?

We follow the standard industry norms for payment, which allows you to make payment in easy terms or installments.

Are there any charges to be paid after delivery of the software?

No additional charges are applicable after delivery of the software. Clients need to pay yearly domain renewal and hosting charges. Charges will be applicable in case of any customizations are made in the software.

Which parameters do you consider while defining the cost of a project?

Project costing depends on various factors like complexity of the plan, features to be incorporated, types of incomes to be distributed, 3rd party integrations and many more. We advise you to contact us for a better understanding.



What is your AMC policy?

Along with free support, our AMC includes:

  • Trained BA
  • Additional free man-hours for paid changes
  • 24*7 online help desk support
  • Priority response to issues
  • Discounts on paid changes

What if I don’t pay for AMC policy?

For clients who don’t opt for AMC policy, following are the inclusions:

  • Support, on call basis
  • 24* 7 Online help desk support

What support will I receive after purchase?

We provide 6 months free support that includes:

  • Dedicated BA
  • One free training
  • Email and phone support
  • Priority response to issues
  • Unlimited inquiry support

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