A hybrid compensation plan, is a plan wherein a company makes a combination of two or more traditional compensation plans. Several companies have been undertaking this task to keep up with the competition of the growing market. To elaborate more – several companies use binary compensation plan but prefer to have pay out structure of generation plan. To know more about Hybrid Plan Contact us!

Advantages of Hybrid Plan

  • Hybrid plan is always combination of different plan so its always beneficial from both Company & Networkers point of view.
  • Hybrid plan helps you grab more potential consumer & increase sales. As people with strong networking quality helps in growing the network & People with strong motivational quality helps drive the Resales.
  • Hybrid Plan helps you create more opportunities of earning, being a combination of two or more well know compensation plans.
hybrid  plan

Role of Webclubs Infotech

role of Webtech in hybrid plan

Webclubs Infotech plays an integral part because we know software is the heart of a direct selling business. We are aware that Binary plan is immensely popular and so we successfully customize plan as per our customer’s requirements. Not only this, but we also design direct selling software that is country specific. Thus, we make sure to abide by exclusive features from our end that satisfy our customers need. We have an efficient team who has been pleasing our clients with topnotch services.


Better Understanding for your requirement and business

Positive Attitude in resolving queries

Helps you grab more potential consumer & increase sales