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Webclubs Infotech Provides When evaluating ERP software for your manufacturing company, it’s important to have a list of prerequisites to determine which vendors make the cut. Here are just a few ideas to get you started

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Webclubs Infotech Packaging Industry Software: Features

The packaging industry covers a number of sectors, and our products can help you meet the increasing demands of your customers – whether you are a manufacturer or distributor. Quotation management, artwork storage / management and lead progression are key to any business. Enhance your success with end-to-end visibility of your integrated process, supplemented by accessible, visual reporting. From recyclable clamshells to top down bottles and pharmaceutical foil blister packs to flexible pouches, the packaging industry designs solutions that provide security, protection, convenience and marketing to the world. But with these innovations comes a unique set of manufacturing necessities, such as need for detailed lot traceability, accurate part labeling and production flexibility. That is why your packaging company deserves a packaging-specific manufacturing ERP software that fits your needs.

Document Control

View internal and external documents, as well as email, from secure document control libraries with complete audit trails and history.

Flexible Units of Measure

It offers flexible units of measure with automatic built-in conversions so your quantity is accurate every time.

Lot and Serial Traceability

More accurate and compliant inventory control is easily achievable with complete lot number tracking and traceability.

Shelf Life Management

Once the shelf life has expired, the inventory is automatically identified as non-conforming and electronic alerts are sent out.

UPC Labeling

print a variety of labels (including complex barcode and 2D compliance labels) automatically on the shop floor as parts are being produced and boxes filled.

Flexible Analysis and Reporting

User-definable analysis and reporting is available on demand or automatically distributed based on pre-determined schedules.

Webclubs Infotech Packaging Industry Software: How To Use

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