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Webclubs Infotech POS Software: Keep Your Store Control in one click

A Smart GST-ready POS inventory & accounting software that helps you keep a control on your store with smart billing, reporting and inventory management features. Helps you never overstore or go out of stock.Barcode, Discount & schemes & 1000’s of other features helps you grow your profits & scale.

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Webclubs Infotech Billing Software: Features

Every person needs ways to run their business hassle free i.e. transaction should be maintained properly, get comparison of sales years, important alerts. Webclubs Infotech POS Software is designed to handle all needs of individual shops or retail chain in an accurate way as it is easily configurable according to the requirements of the customers as per their business type. In Webclubs Infotech POS Software, transactions & inventories can be easily maintained; it will show alerts for the items getting out of stock or for the items whose expiry date is near.Webclubs Infotech POS software controls inventory in a much easier way by the help of cash registers as well as helps in better controlling of business due to its unique reporting features. In Webclubs Infotech POS Software, one can compare its current sales from the previous financials or party to party comparison so that they can get better ideas for the betterment of the business. Explicit sales services and higher rate of customer satisfaction leads to the path of success.

Quick Product Lookup

Quick keys are shortcuts within your POS system that allow associates to hit a single button for a commonly sold item.

Returns, refunds & store credits

Ironically, a store’s return policy can be vital to its success, as consumers increasingly prefer stores with shopper-friendly policies.

Mobile Registers

It’s the digital era and at this point, you can’t afford not to have mobile registers.

Customer-facing display

A customer-facing display means that as a customer is being rung, they can watch the transaction happen on screen that faces them.

Bulk product imports

Be sure that whatever retail management system you go with allows you to upload all your products in a bulk upload.


Your inventory system should be able to print barcodes (or other labeling methods) so that you can keep each of your products neatly tagged and trackable.

Webclubs Infotech Billing Software: How To Use

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  • Multi companies
  • Multi locations (godowns)
  • Multi Language
  • Integrated sms and email alerts
  • Data transfers from old softwares
  • Manual and video helps on click
  • All reports in pdf,excel,csv,rtf & xml
  • Operator wise menu & hot keys
  • GST return in excel, csv & json

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