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Webclubs Infotech Society Management Software: Keep Your Store Control in one click

Webclubs Infotech provides Software as a service as a unique concept wherein the vendor of the software doesn't just provide you with a software application for use; rather, the vendor has this application installed on an online server and helps you use its functionality remotely. This helps eliminate the need for disaster recovery planning at the client's end as there is no data on their computers to protect. Moreover, in our case, we also offer other services on our platform, which includes data entry, accounting, report generation, etc. so that all the committee members have to do is send us all the data and receipts, and we take care of the rest of them.

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Webclubs Infotech Society Management Software: Features

Webclubs Infotech Society Management Software is one of the best apartment management software that allows you to manage your society residents, staff, vendors, visitors, documents, assets, income, billing and other operations solution at a single platform. Manage various administrative activities through a smart dashboard that helps you access any feature in just a click.Introduce higher efficiency and transparency in accounting and finance management and track any income or expenses at any time in minutes. Convert huge bill generation, dispersal and payment tasks into activities that can be done in minutes, thus cutting time and efforts on them.Track resident complaints received through IVR, allow them to service personnel, record their status and then finally close them after proper resolution. Introduce higher security into the complex through state-of-the-art visitor, maid and vehicle tracking processes.Send notices, alerts and messages in seconds, personalize features and automate various activities. Use collected data to generate multiple types of reports which can be sued to analyze data.

Maintenance Management

This Software suffices to track bills, email bills, request on-time payments, remind about due services, and so on.

Help Desk

Register to complaints or suggestion and get real-time access to their status.

Parking Management

Helps planning and executing parking allotments from the comfort of the seat.

Security Management

keep track of each vendor, his/her contact details.This software prevent thefts and other crimes.

Event Management

The online notice board suffices to flash messages about upcoming festivals and accompanying celebrations, inaugurations of novel facilities, etc.

Payments Made Easier

Keep a transparent record of everything and one platform to pay all your utility bills.

Webclubs Infotech Society Management Software: How To Use

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  • ( Limited Edition )
  • 1 User Full Rights ( ₹ 2500/- per extra user)( Maximum 2 users )
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  • 1 User Full Rights
  • 1 User for View only ( ₹ 2500/- per extra user)
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(₹)22500 Per/Year


  • Unlimited Users
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  • Multi companies
  • Multi locations (godowns)
  • Multi Language
  • Integrated sms and email alerts
  • Data transfers from old softwares
  • Manual and video helps on click
  • All reports in pdf,excel,csv,rtf & xml
  • Operator wise menu & hot keys
  • GST return in excel, csv & json

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